Lindsay Gooze, LMFT
Lindsay Gooze, LMFT
San Fernando Valley Eating Disorder Treatment

Therapy in the San Fernando Valley, CA

Freedom from anxiety, depression, and eating disorders


Are your high expectations bringing you down?

When you have anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder, nothing ever feels “good enough.” No matter how hard you work or how much you put others before yourself, you still can’t give yourself credit for all that you do. The praise you receive from others doesn’t stick. All you can focus on is how you can improve or maintain your high standards.

You think that if you can get it all “right,” then you will finally be ok. The truth is you will never feel smart, likable, or attractive enough by constantly striving, perfecting, and self-sacrificing. To feel truly “good enough,” you must make peace with yourself.

I’m Lindsay and I am here to help.  I specialize in working with people with anxiety, depression, or eating disorders, find inner peace, confidence, and self-acceptance. I want to help you look in the mirror and like the person you see. I want you to be able to rest, play, and connect with others without feeling guilty about it. Imagine the possibilities for joy, relationships, and fulfillment that exist when your mind is free of “shoulds.”

I have worked with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders since 2011. I believe change is possible for you because it was possible for dozens of people I have worked with, and it was possible for me.


Change is not easy, but I promise you it is worth it! Call or e-mail me to see how we can get started.